Sep 07 2016

N° 1485 Dialogue of Jesus with the Sinner’s soul part 2 of 4

Jesus y el alma pecadora 2

Note: We deliver this number of the Diary of Sister Faustina in 4 parts so that we can meditate them better and to understand in deeper ways the message of Jesus.

-The soul: Lord, I recognize your Holiness and I am afraid of you.

-Jesus: Why are you afraid, my daughter, of the God of Mercy? My Holiness doesn’t stop me from being merciful with you. Look soul, for you I have instituted a throne of Mercy in the world and that throne is the Tabernacle and of this throne of Mercy I wish to go in your heart. Look, I have not surrounded myself with entourage nor guardians, you have access to Me at any time, at whatever hour I wish to speak with you and wish to grant you graces.

In this part of the number 1485 of the Diary of Saint Faustina, we can see the soul being sincere with Jesus, saying that it is afraid of Him and that it knows of Jesus’s Holiness which then Jesus asks, why is the soul afraid of Him, because He is the God of Mercy.

This is how it is, every sinning soul feels the Holiness of their God, and the soul believes that through that Holiness which the soul doesn’t understand, Jesus could be mad.

In the length of our lives we hear of a “punishing God,” that every soul has made the idea that it’s true, these bad teachings were taught through a bad understanding of God, they took root in the soul and in every sinning soul they feel that God punishes the sinner.

But nevertheless Jesus tells us through the Gospel, “I have not come to call the fair but the sinners”, (Luke 5, 27-32) Jesus does not come to punish, but to save them from the life of sin and rescue them for the Eternal Life.

In this dialogue Jesus tells the soul that His Holiness doesn’t stop Him from being merciful with it, He is the God of Mercy that wishes to understand why the soul lives in this situation, but he goes even farther deciding to help the soul to leave the life of unhappiness rescuing it and taking it so that it can experiment a path of Holiness.

Thus, for every sinning soul is the reason why Jesus instituted the throne of Mercy here in Earth and that throne is the Tabernacle of every church, (Sanctuary), so that every sinner can come and drink from this flow of Mercy which is Christ himself.

There is many and many Sanctuary all around the world where Jesus waits in loneliness, the same way when He was in prison during His Passion, where He experiments loneliness and the need for love of us who He loves a lot.

Sinners, we still don’t understand that Jesus is at the tips of our fingers, so like droplets He give us His life by pouring out His Precious Blood, today He gives us His Mercy through torrent.

Close, very close to us there is a Sanctuary where Jesus is waiting to fill us with His love and forgiveness, it only takes us to say yes, I am a Sinner I have come to claim your Mercy and Forgiveness.

He is not surrounded by powerful nor guardians, He is always alone waiting for us to get close to Him, free, without requests of the audience, without difficult protocols, a close God, a God of absolute Mercy who is always waiting for us to give Him our heart for transformation.

Remember after today, every time you pass a temple, Jesus is inside, in the Sanctuary, waiting for you, waiting for us, if the temple is open, enter and at least share a few moments with Him, if the temple is closed, then join Jesus in a spiritual way from outside because a closed door is no excuse for not being with Him.

I invite you to pray the Chaplet of Divine Mercy, giving our miserable life to Jesus, so that in Him and that for Him our lives are transformed like a barren fig tree the one who was given a new opportunity to give fruits (Lucas 13, 6-9), so that we can take advantage of the Divine Mercy of God so that we can give fruits and in abundance.

To be continued…

God be with you!!
Javier Ils

Translator: Ms. Alexa Garcia

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