Sep 06 2016

N° 1485: Dialogue of Jesus with the Sinner’s soul Part 1 of 4


Note: We deliver this number of the Diary of Sister Faustina in 4 parts so that we can meditate them better and to understand in deeper ways the message of Jesus.

In the number of 1485 in the Diary of Sister Faustina, Jesus says the following:
The Mercy of God hides in the Sacred Sacrament: the voice of the Lord speaks to us from the throne of Mercy: Come to Me all.
Dialogue of Merciful God with the Sinner’s soul

-Jesus: Don’t be afraid, sinning soul, of your Savior, I am the first to get close to you, because I know that by yourself you are not capable of ascending toward Me, don’t flee, daughter, from your Father: wish to speak to your Merciful God who personally wants to tell you the words of forgiveness and fill you with His Grace. Oh, how l love your soul. I have seated you in My arms. And you have engraved in my heart like a deep wound.

-The soul: My Lord, I hear your voice which tells me to leave the bad path, but I don’t have the courage nor the strength.

-Jesus: I am your strength; I will give you strength to fight.

Jesus knows for sure that any soul that is in constant sin is not capable of getting close to Him because of their fear of not being forgiven, the soul rooted to sin can difficultly leave the sin on its own because the sin has become an addiction and it can’t live without sin.

Since the soul knows this, it will not look for Jesus because it knows it can’t stop sinning for any type of circumstance, because of this Jesus asks Saint Faustina to pray the Chaplet for the conversion of all sinners.

Now then, since Jesus knows everything, it will be Him that takes the first step of getting closer to the sinning souls, this truly shows the Grand Love and Mercy our Lord has for every one of us, He only pays the price for our salvation and leave us freedom to choose if we accept that price or not, no more, than a mother that is concerned for her child, He will not let a single soul get lost as long as there is a spark of light that shows Jesus that it accepts the price for the salvation of its self.

In this to get closer to the soul and talk the word of action, since Jesus still keeps showing that even though He is the Lord, in His Grand Mercy He keeps saying “I did not come to be served, but to serve.”

This grand gesture of humility of Jesus makes it so the soul can’t unobserved it, since the soul seems to be buried in its own puddle of misery, it has to want to leave, but it does not know how to do it, this is when it hears the voice of Jesus that with Mercy it calls upon it multiple times and the soul finally answers.

The soul sincere with Jesus and tells him that it can hear Him but doesn’t want to get out of this situation, since it lacks strength and courage to do it.

This is exactly why a lot of strength is needed so that the addiction of sin can be ended, like if it were a common addiction, since sin is the mother of all addictions and this is why it costs a lot, and it lacks courage, because the soul its self believes it will never get out of this situation and the soul thinks it’s worth nothing and that’s misery itself.

Now, Jesus say: I am your strength; I will give you the strength to fight… it’s up to the soul to either accept this offer or not from Jesus and this is where all the Church enters in action, with our daily prayer of the Chaplet of Divine Mercy we are instruments of the Lord so that we can generate that strength that helps us convert and convert everyone, but we should never exclude ourselves from the sinner’s plane.

If we start understanding and meditate these dialogues of Jesus with the soul, we will understand the true commitment of praying the Chaplet of Divine Mercy daily.

A loving God has come to save us, so that we can look at Him face to face, so that we can stop making that wound in the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus and to give us the peace our souls need.

I invite you to prayer the Chaplet of Divine Mercy so that any of our sins don’t stop us from hearing the voice of Jesus who calls us to conversion.

To be continued…

God be with you!
Javier Ils

Translator: Ms. Alexa Garcia

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