Sep 01 2016

N° 50 The distrust from the souls tear my bowels

faustina y jesus

In the number of 50 in the Diary of Saint Faustina, Jesus says the following words: “The distrust from the souls tear my bowels.” It hurts more when distrust comes from the chosen souls, despite of my endless love they don’t trust in me. Not even my death has been enough for them. Oh how many souls abuse of the Divine Mercy.

In this passage written in the Diary of Saint Faustina, Jesus especially reclaims the consecrated souls, who have been called to serve him in narrow and direct way with Him.

When a soul that is consecrated is more attached to earthly things than the Divine ones it’s a huge signal of distrust in Jesus.

Normally these souls have to review their vocation, they must make a stop in their ministry and analyze where they’re failing Jesus, if they don’t it will end their faith and the faith of the ones they have to guide.

Because of this situation many of consecrated souls are walking through this path, because of them we see many attacks on the church, because the demon takes advantages of all these situations and uses them to harshly attack the church through the consecrated souls.

It’s not the fault of others but of us Catholics, because we aren’t constant with our prayers for the sanctification of the consecrated souls, we should never stop protecting them with our prayers, instead of criticizing them.

We should always understand, that if we criticize we are accomplices of Satan during his attacks, if we prayer we are accomplices of Jesus in his conversion of the consecrated souls.

The love of Jesus is endless and we should trust in Him, knowing that our prayers can help Him with conversion of everyone.
God is Mercy itself, His flow of Mercy wants to extend to all the souls, especially the consecrated souls, so that they can proclaim through the whole church of the great Mercy of God that He has for everyone.

Which is precisely why God writes straight on crooked lines, He can even take all these consecrated souls that have lost all trust in Him, and the perform the greatest miracle in the whole world, which is the conversion of His entire church.

Let’s ask Jesus for help while we pray the Chaplet of Divine Mercy, so that God can heal the hearts of all the consecrated souls so that they can believe and trust in Him without a doubt in their hearts. And that we learn to be humble and to pray for them constantly. Amen.

God Bless You!!
Javier Ils

Translator Ms. Alexa Garcia

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