Aug 30 2016

N° 146 Through the prayer the soul is armed to deal with any battle

La Oracion

In the number 146 of the Diary of Saint Faustina she tells us: “The prayer. Through prayer the soul is armed to deal with any battle. In whatever condition a soul is found, it should always pray. It has to pray in pure and beautiful way, because if it did the opposite it would lose its beauty, the soul has to beg for pureness, because if it did the opposite it would never achieve it, the recent converted soul has to beg, because if it did the opposite it would fall again, the soul who is submerged in sin has to pray in order to get up. There is no soul who doesn’t have this duty to pray because through prayer all grace flows.”

Beloved brothers and sisters as we can see in the Diary of Saint Faustina, she talks about the importance of prayer in every state of the soul.

It tells us that the soul should always pray so that it can be pure and that the beauty isn’t lost, the beauty of the soul and pureness comes from the direct union of God in every soul, this pureness is kept alive because it comes directly from the fountain of Mercy that is God’s.

The soul that tends to pureness must also pray, if this doesn’t happen the soul can never achieve this state of Grace.
The soul that has recently converted should not fall asleep and quit praying, it’s the opposite the soul should intensify the prayer and beg that this state is permanet if not the demon would easily make the soul return back to it’s old state, it’s like constructing a house, good foundations should be made, prayer makes the conversion stronger.

The sinning soul should beg God through prayer to achieve the grace of forgiveness, the soul should keep the Sacrament of Penance (confession), so that together with the prayer it can get up from the mud of sin that it is submerged in, at the beginning it is difficult to get up especially if you don’t have the willpower and constancy, it can only be done through prayer there is no other way.

Saint Faustina also tells us that all the souls have the duty of praying, praying it talking with God whether it be with your own words or written prayers, it can also be done with a community whether it’s at home or at church you can pray the written ones such as the Holy Rosary, Chaplet of Divine Mercy, etc.

The soul that does not pray daily is not united with God, because this is the path that connects us to him.
It doesn’t work if you pray when you only need God’s help, because this isn’t praying it’s asking, and a lot of times we confuse praying with asking for things.

I have to offer my prayers daily to God, inside of the prayer I can include gratitude and petitions, but the prayer should not only be composed of gratitude and petitions, but essentially have dialogue with God even if it’s telling him how I am, or how I feel, or written prayers which I offer so that I can grow spiritual.

The soul that doesn’t pray is easy prey for the demon, since it’s not strong enough it consequently can’t protect it’s self from the demon’s attacks, and it easily falls in constant temptations.

When a person, family, group, etc. that doesn’t pray more problems appear and division and arguments as well as separations, and different shortcomings including economy. Prayer strengthens at such an extreme that spiritual, physical, and economic changes are very noticeable.

Jesus reminds us in the Gospel: “Look for God’s kingdom first and his Justice and everything else will come by addition,” trusting is his words we understand that prayer is the meeting of the soul and its creator by consequence everything will come through God’s union.

We invite you to pray the Chaplet of Divine Mercy, asking Jesus to help us substance in prayer and in our increase in faith. Amen.

God Bless You!!
Javier Ils

Translator Ms. Alexa Garcia

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