Aug 30 2016

N° 48 I promise that any soul that venerates this image will never perish.


In the number of 48 from the Diary of Saint Faustina, Jesus says the following words: “I promise that any soul that venerates this image will never perish. I also promise, that here on earth, there will be victory over your enemies, and above all during the time of death, I myself will defend this soul with My Glory.”

These are the main promises of Jesus to the souls who venerates this image in every home.

Now then, “What does venerate the image mean?”, Jesus wants to be present in every home in a particularly manner, since we are not authorized to carry the Holy Eucharist, Jesus looks through Saint Faustina a mean that without hurting we can have it in such a particularly and special way, and Jesus finds this mean through this image.

The image should not only be achieved and brought in to a home and then be done with it, it first should be blessed on the day of Mercy by a Priest, it must be enthroned to the home with a prayer of welcome, give it an honorable place in said home and to always make sure the place is clean and taken care of.

It’s been said to prepare this place for Jesus, this tells Jesus that there will always be a place for him in our home.
Many homes tend to have an altar for the family were images are kept, as well as candles, flowers and family photos, but many times I have seen that these altars have been invaded by things that don’t correspond there, such as souvenirs, pens, sweeties, bills, journals, and etc. things that are not worthy for an altar, this causing it to end up being a storage place instead of an altar.

This isn’t right, this covert the honoring place of Jesus into a storage room were anything that has been around the house ends up here.

We must learn to give Jesus a true honoring place in our home so that we can also give him an honoring place in our heart.
Our hearts usually end up becoming a storage room as well this leaving a very small place for Jesus, seeing our altar organized will also possible show us to keep our hearts organized.

Jesus promises that if we venerate the image He will be with us constantly, especially during our death, to defends us in the exact moment from the attacks of the demon who will want to take our eternal life with Jesus in Heaven.

Here I have to make a special section, in Mexico and other countries they have a special worship for death, in Mexico they even call it “Holy”, this is a very serious error and very offensive to Jesus, because he himself beat death with his Resurrection, and anyone who venerates Death is against God, even though these people may say it’s wrong.

So it’s to be understood that in our altars and our hearts death should not have a place, because if it does Jesus can not be enthroned.

To give veneration to this image is to daily offer and pray the Chaplet of Divine Mercy, this was requested by Jesus so that all sinners can convert, if possible it’s best if you prayed it at three in the afternoon, if not possible for a specific situation, it can be prayed at any time, but before starting you must say, Lord Jesus I link this Chaplet of Divine Mercy in spiritual manner to anyone who is praying it this moment at three in the afternoon. There will always be a moment in the world where it will be three in the afternoon while someone is praying.

Jesus says that by venerating this image he receives the veneration, it doesn’t stay in the image, because he receives all the recognition and glory that we give to him through the image.

Jesus wants to fill us with Grace and Blessings, we have to be ready to be receivers of his flow of mercy that He has for everyone.

All we have to do is say with great trust, Jesus I trust in you, and we will see great miracles happen!!!
We invite you to pray the Chaplet of Divine Mercy so that we can ask Jesus to help us detach from this world for a bit and get closer to his world.

God Bless You!!
Javier Ils

Translator Ms. Rocio Olazabal

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