Aug 28 2016

N° 268 Wife must imitate her husband

Bodas del Cordero

In number 268 of Saint Faustina’s Diary, Jesus tells us: “ Take a look about what love for human beings has made to me, my daughter. In your heart I  find all what a high number of souls does not bring to me. You heart is a rest for Me, frequently I  preserve great favors until the end of the prayer”

In this munber of Santa Faustina’s Diary, Jesus shows himself to her as he was during the crucifixion, with his face defaced,  covered of spittles, beaten, with eyes full of blood and tears and without his clothes, Jesus says: “The wife must imitatte her husband”. Logically, as she sees him  she  feels a big sadness and she shares Jesus sufferings, offering each personal pain, material and spiritual.

Jesus is defaced constanly because of our sins, it seems as is for human beings  it was difficult to make acts of repair and continues making him a lot of insults.

Sin, my brothers, revives every day in  the Saint Mass the momento of the Passion and Jesus revives daily  this sacrifice of love por each of us.

It is so difficult for Jesus to find a heart like an oasis of peace, where he can rest,  but he  can find   a o large  number of souls  that deny him every day.

A lot of them think is enough to say daily “we are sinner”, but they continue his life as if this election would not cause any effects, without realising that Jesus is the person who we hurt with sin.

When we feel that our heart is invaded by a great barrenness, as happened to Saint Faustina, we feel that we can´t concentrate in our prayers, that we are uncomfortable or that material problems disturb us when we try to join Jesus, is when we must take a rest and prepare all our person and let his love encroach us.

Jesus gives a great part of his time to pay atention to us, to our minimun problems and frequently we do not realize that Jesus wants  to live in our heart, that he looks for our shelter, our confort, our love.

He attends us as a husband attends his wife, we must understand at this point that he is the loved Husband of every soul and he searchs it to inundate it  with His Torrent of Divine Love..

When this torrent of love comes into our souls, we reach peace, our soul finds the perfect balance and emotional stability,  and is capable of overcome every situation.

We can´t live this experience if we are not In Grace, that we adquires in the Sacrament Of Penance. This Sacrament opens the doors to Jesus to live in our heart.

I always explain in that simple way how is the grace of God’s forgiveness, to make this I invite us to  remember our first penance.Do you remember it?, we went to confess for the first time with heart full of fear, because we have not lived this experience before, but when we finished doing it,  we exhaled a great sigh of relief, If you analize this sigh it was a liberation because we had removed a load off our soul was totally clean as when it received Baptism.

When was the last time you felt like this because you removed a load off?, it’s necessary for  the soul to receive peace, this renovates its force to go on and what is sad is that the great majority knows that, but is afraid of taking this Sacrament.

We must remember, dear brothers, that while we stay in sin we are not in conditions of fulling our heart with the love of Jesus, not because of him. Daily and constanly Jesus spills his love over us, but sins in our interior make  our heart nonpermeable and  love can´t penetrate, slides over it and can´t ge tinto it.

Each soul -wife – must imitate her husband –Jesus-, that.is why I invite you to pray  the Chaplet of Divine Mercy to ask Jesus to help us to be sensible with ourselves and to understand that without the forgiveness of God he can´t take place in our heart, because our sins prevent this.

God be with you.
Javier Ils

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