Aug 19 2016

N° 198 Your trust and love prevent My Justice

misericordia y justicia

In the number of 198 from the Diary of Saint Faustina, Jesus says the following words: “My daughter, your trust and love prevent my Justice and I cannot punish anyone because you prevent me for doing so.”

First we must take into account that Jesus had asked Saint Faustina that under his image she write the phrase “Jesus I trust in you”, this wasn’t an urge from Jesus, but a special favor for all sinners, including us, so that we can sustenance his Mercy and know that Jesus needs us to trust in him.

In second place Jesus had many opportunities to repeatedly ask Saint Faustina that she submerged with love even if it’s for a few moments in his Painful Passion and Death.

It is so that with these two powerful virtues, which are trust and love, that today Jesus tells Saint Faustina that he cannot punish humanity because she prevents he from doing so.

It’s both the love and trust that Nun Faustina has in Jesus that by delivering it has made it able for Jesus to extend the time period of his Mercy for everyone, so that we can achieve the grace of conversion.

Even though we are aware of this, it seems like we do not understand it, much less use this to our advantage, so if we understood this it would be millions of souls around the world that would trust and love Jesus, however this isn’t how it is, because for many it is difficult to forgive and love their brothers or sisters, but if we trusted in Jesus, we would understand that forgiveness is the beginning of all, if we truly loved Jesus we would understand that this is only achieved through love.

Therefore, those that say they love and trust in Jesus but have not loved nor forgiven their brothers or sisters, have lied to Jesus and whoever lies to Jesus has no peace in their soul.

Trust and love carry a total act of surrender, pettiness cannot exist, nor excuses or what’s, but the opposite, trust and love carry a fiat like the one that Holy Mary carried, as she once said “let it be done like you wish”.

Nun Faustina was able to understand this, and this is why her soul is like Holy Mary’s when she gives her all, which she gives unconditional.

However, if Saint Faustina accomplish this all with just her trust and love in Jesus, how many things could be accomplished if hundreds of billions of souls worldwide were to respond with the same love and trust as Nun Faustina?

Logical all the evil would disappear from the world, it would be insignificant because of all the good, and this is what Jesus excepts from us.

Someone for sure will say this is impossible to do, but the real question is “Is it really impossible to do?”, “How is this possible if we have by our side someone who makes anything possible?”, “Isn’t it another excuse so that we don’t change?”

I invite you to pray with us the Chaplet of Divine Mercy so that God may infuse in our souls to become better people every day.

God Bless You!!!
Javiers Ils

Translator: Ms. Alexa Garcia

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